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Great report on today's Victoria Bridge Blockade. Did you go? Send us your photos!

Great work Jonathan Sri, Councillor for The Gabba and Space4cyclingbne
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Cyclists have stopped traffic by "playing dead" on one of the city's busiest bridges, saying Council is risking lives by not putting designated bike paths in the new Brisbane Metro design. #9News | 9News.com.au

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We came across this fantastic piece written for "The Brisbane Courier" (now Courier Mail) by a member of the public nicknamed "Koala" on 8 September, 1932.

It recounts his observations as he embarked on an expedition by bicycle through the Western Suburbs to Moggill.

"I myself for one, after this jour-
ney, agree with Kingsley when he says
there should, not be a single idle
moment in our lives, as during those
idle moments we could be making
valuable and interesting discoveries.
Still as the world rolls on, Mr. No.
Eyes will still exist, while Mr. Eyes
will gradually grow in numbers, and
make such discoveries, as will leave
Mr. No Eyes sadly behind."

Where will you be exploring on your bike this weekend?
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We're currently working on our submission for the 2017 BCC Draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) 2016-2026. One infrastructure project we will suggest is a commuter/school cycling route that connects to the Sylvan Road bikeway, making it safer for kids to get to school at Toowong State School, BBC and St Ignatius School.

In the map you can see the massive size of the Toowong State School catchment (black) but very limited existing bike infrastructure (red) inside the catchment. Our proposed route is the north-south route (white).

This could be a bicycle boulevard route with 30km/hr limit and priority given to bikes. (See example image of bicycle boulevard from Perth). The route is not a main road and so has minimal impact on motor traffic.

This is just one route. Most of the roads in this school catchment are neighborhood streets. Imagine a grid network of bicycle boulevards providing access to school, shops and employment, and how much this could reduce peak congestion! The cost of providing this infrastructure is very low.

Brisbane needs to think smarter about getting the most out of our existing transport infrastructure. I hope the council will take this opportunity to look at new and more cost effective ways to improve our transport network. Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner
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A heads up for those heading out this weekend. Don't be alarmed, but keep your eyes open.

"I had an unsettling experience on a run this morning up Gold Creek Road. A white ute kept following me and pulling up just ahead of me. After a while, I ran into a driveway near Jones Road and it went away. I should have got the numberplate but didn't. The time was about 8am and while there were other cars driving along Gold Creek, the driver would wait for them to pass and then catch up to me. Just be careful on your runs and walks ladies."
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Queensland Rail say you can't move white goods on the train.

But you can always move house by bike!
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Don's got the couch!!!! #movebybikememphis @thatvegandude @choose901 #ibikemphs

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One of the best things about riding a bike is you're not isolated from the environment. You're part of it.

Came across this cutie on the newly lit Kooringal Drive bikeway in Jindalee.

He was a bit shy to pose.
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Safe streets for everyone