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There's a petition at IGA Pullenvale Marketplace calling for a shared path to be built from the shopping centre to the Fairview retirement village on Moggill Road 650m away.

At the moment there is no safe way to walk or ride, and apart from cyclists, the more mobile residents of Fairview should be able to walk to their local shops and cafe.

There's no epetition version, but if you stop by the IGA you can sign it at the counter.
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Big news in Centenary today with both Annastacia Palaszczuk MP and Tim Nicholls MP announcing a commitment to upgrade the Sumner Road interchange on the Centenary Motorway. The State Government has announced a $65 million commitment with construction to start within 12 months.

The LNP have announced an $80 million commitment should they win government.

This project has significant implications for cyclists in the region, with the current route south of Sumner Road requiring a detour down Dandenong Road to the Caltex service station and crossing at the lights to continue.

The plans shown here indicate a 3-stage crossing at a new set of lights on the western side of the bridge. We're not entirely satisfied with this, as it will require crossing a slip lane (with no clear priority), then a beg button to wait for lights to cross 4 lanes of traffic, then another slip lane.

In order to make cycling easy, convenient and safe, we believe it's essential for the bikeway to pass under the slip lanes on the north and southern side of the bridges, and the bikeway proper to pass under the bridges on the western side of the Centenary Highway. This will be safer, easier and more convenient for cyclists, and drivers too for that matter as fewer cyclists will be triggering the lights.

With significant spending on this important interchange, we hope the solution is right from the outset for all road users.

The preliminary plans also include a shared path on the northern side of the new Sumner Road bridge, and on road bike lanes.

We're planning to meet with Tarnya Smith MP, Jess Pugh for Mount Ommaney and Jenny Mulkearns - Queensland Greens who are the respective candidates for the seat of Mount Ommaney to discuss this and other local bikeway issues.
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Brisbane West BUG in December asked Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner to investigate the prospect of installing an Advanced Stop Line (bike box) on Herschel Street at the intersection with George Street.

Currently riders often filter to the front of traffic and queue in front of the stop line for visibility and to enable them to clear the intersection before the lights change. Apart from the illegality of proceeding past the stop line, this isn't an ideal place to wait due to buses and other large vehicles turning in to Herschel Street.

We're pleased to advise that council has accepted this proposal and works will begin in conjunction with road resurfacing this month.

As well as the bike box, there will be additional treatments done:
- installing new green pavement treatment on the existing bicycle lane at the Herschel Street and Roma Street intersection, to enhance safety for cyclists
- installing safety signage at several locations around the Herschel Street and Roma Street intersection, advising motorists to watch for cyclists and give way when entering the car park

The conflict point at the Jen hotel carpark is a major one, and hopefully this signage and paint will make it a little bit more visible to motorists.

This isn't as good as a separated bike lane as proposed by the Brisbane CBD BUG Minimum Grid, but we think these small improvements will help in the interim until that's delivered.
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West BUG Co-convenor Chris spoke to 9 News Queensland today about the Sylvan Road permanent part time bike lane. ... See MoreSee Less

A win for cyclists tonight, with confirmation cars will be permanently banned from parking during peak hour on one of Brisbane's busiest bike routes. #9News | 9News.com.au

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Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner has today announced that after review of the 12-month peak hour bike lane trial on Sylvan Road, Brisbane City Council has decided to make the initiative permanent.

This means that Monday-Friday inbound between 6-9am, and outbound between 4-7pm, there will be no stopping along Sylvan Road.

In order to improve visibility of this, Council is committing to:
1. Install LED signs with flashing lights to advise the conditions
2. Apply paint treatments to the lanes to advise the time restrictions.

Enforcement of these no stopping zones will continue, and we encourage you to report any illegal parking by ringing the call centre on 3403 8888.

In addition to this, Council is also investigating a new, separated off road connection between the Western Freeway Bikeway and Sylvan Road, going past Dean Street, the Bus Depot and Miskin Street. The two street crossings can be less than safe, particularly Miskin Street with the way motorists fly off the roundabout, so this will be welcome.

Cr Schrinner has advised West BUG will be consulted on this planning process.

We feel these are positive improvements, though we still see the end game being protected bike lanes/cycleway along Sylvan Road as the desired long term outcome.

We also think the Croydon Street/Sylvan Road/Jephson Street intersection in particular needs priority attention, as the narrow bike lane and frequent conflicts between left-turning motorists into Jephson Street outbound is a major safety concern.
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You may have seen the pop-up bike lane demonstration in West End yesterday.

This is the permanent version.

We're disappointed with the RACQ and Council's disingenuous claims that this isn't possible in Brisbane because our city is established.

This video below is in North Sydney.
It can be done. It's a matter of political will to prioritise people moving, rather than enabling rat runners and prioritising storage of cars on public space.

Done right, you can have some parking too.
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Bravo North Sydney Council - these new cycleways are looking great 👏👏👏 #sydneyrides

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Public consultation for the Woolloongabba Bikeway has begun, with the first of the public information sessions held this morning in South Brisbane.

West BUG is extremely excited by this project, and we highly recommend you read Space4cyclingbne's outstanding 5-part review of the design. You can access it from their web site: space4cyclingbne.com/

They note a few flaws in the design that are less than perfect, but it does not detract from the fact this is a landmark project for Brisbane. It is the first time that Council has put in a serious design for an on-road protected cycleway in a high traffic area. There are some outstanding new design options that Brisbane has previously been reluctant to try, including floating bus stops, and this learning experience will be extremely valuable.

So while there are elements that can be improved, and hopefully during consultation such improvements will be considered, we fully endorse this project and look forward to working with Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner, Brisbane CBD BUG, East BUG Inc. and Bicycle Queensland to get this done, and provide feedback from you, the users of this project.
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It was great to see so many people at Council’s information session on the Woolloongabba Bikeway this morning. This project is a big deal for Brisbane, as it sees a long-overdue shift in priority from on-street parking to active travel. We hope it will be the start of an awakening. Meanwhile, our review of the project rated a mention in the Kerb Nerdery section of Cycling Embassy of Great Britain's Bike Blog Roundup: “plans for a two-way bikeway in Brisbane get a detailed five-part dissection - some baffling decisions, but overall better than a poke in the eye” www.cycling-embassy.org.uk/blog/2017/09/04/the-great-big-paint-is-no-protection-bike-blog-roundup (Oh, and some people were asking about you Sid the Magpie. We hope you're enjoying the country life.)

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New Katunga St bridge is open in Kenmore. ... See MoreSee Less

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Kids on bikes. That's what it's all about!

Who wouldn't love to see more of this in their local communities? Who wouldn't love to see kids and parents riding to school together, or kids riding to school independently?

Get rid of the long lines of cars lining up at drop off zones and cramming local streets trying to find a park - it just makes sense.

Fantastic images from The Big Push for Road Safety yesterday.
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How awesome were all the kids who rode a lap of Brisbane with us in The Big Push for Road Safety yesterday? Kids love riding bikes, and the sense of freedom and independence they get from powering their own transport, but too many kids miss out because our streets are designed to prioritise cars instead of people! #TheBigPush #ibikeqld #space4cyclingbne #minimumgrid #cbdgrid #jointhedrive

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Safe streets for everyone